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Understand and empower your children to become the best they can be

    Is your child not listening to you?

  Are you are yelling to make them do what you want?

  Is your kid spending more time on screen and less on studies and you worry about their dropping grades?

  Is your kid back-talking and you feel insulted?

If you said yes to any one (or more) of these! You need to realize the kid's environment is changing and parenting needs to evolve with it!

I invite you to the attend this masterclass which is happening on

24th April 2022 8:00 PM (GMT) or (3:00 PM (IST))

After, supporting parents since 1987, to have good relationships with their kids and raising them to become happy, well behaved, responsible and good human beings, the only trait that I found common among these parents that works to deliver great results was COMMUNICATION with their kids.

To communicate with the kids you need to speak their language..

..And every child is unique.. ..And so is their language..

I call it their
“Language of Love”

Once you know what “Language of Love” your child understands you have a handle on how to bring the best out of your child.


In my 90 minutes masterclass I am spilling the beans. I will show you how to profile the Language of Love your kid speaks and understands.

Here is what I cover on the masterclass :

    Why parenting is becoming puzzling day by day and how to solve this puzzle.

    What parents do, that disconnects them from their children and how to avoid it.

    3 Mistakes that parents make that makes this even worse and how to stop repeating them.

    5 Languages of Love your kids understand and respond to.

    How to find out your kid’s Language of Love and speak so you are on the same page.

    How to implement it in your daily life and transform your child’s behavior.

Not just this, I will also give you :

    4 Step process to sharpen your parenting strategy. This will help you on an ongoing basis to understand and help you plan what to do when you experience a parenting challenge.

    Language of Love Worksheet to help you chart out how to work effectively with your child.

Meet Your Guide

Hi I am Nalin, Psychologist by profession and a Parenting Coach by passion.

I have been practicing in the UK since 1987. Providing Training and Counseling services to professionals and parents in Children's Services and the Foster Care Services I am experienced in working, both Statutory and Voluntary Sector .