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At we know that you want to be an empowering parent.
In order to do that, you need a cool parenting relationship with your child and tools that make it work well as and when you are connecting with your child.
The problem is that when a child expresses their need, it triggers reaction from you that makes it difficult to maintain this cool working relationship, which makes you feel stuck (hopeless or helpless or lost or confused).
We believe life is too short and as a result of this reaction you are losing your opportunity to grow your child in the here and now.
We understand that you need to enjoy your parenting, which is why we are equipping parents with as set of approaches and tools to enable parents to take control of their parenting reaction and turn it into a powerful process which helps the child develop themselves while deepening your parenting-child relationship.
Here is how we do it.
1. Get access to the approaches and tools via training/counselling
2. Choose the parent-child issue you want to resolve while deepening your parent-child relationship
3. Work the process and enjoy your parenting
Because parenting should be simple and enjoyable.
So book a spot.
And in the meantime, here are 10 ways you can make parenting simple and effective.
So stop worrying and take control of your parenting so you get the pleasure of developing your child(ren) and enjoying family life.